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Chile – Puerto Varas

From Bariloche, we crossed the Andes over to Chile, through the snowy border crossing.

Chile Puerto Varas Border

Puerto Varas is a small town with lots of good hiking nearby. We set off for Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, near Volcán Osorno.

Chile Puerto Varas Petrohué

It’s a very beautiful park with some black volcanic rock and great scenery.

Chile Puerto Varas Saltos del Petrohué

There are also some great waterfalls called Saltos del Petrohué, with a cloudy view of the volcano in the background.

Chile Puerto Varas Saltos del Petrohué

Chile Puerto Varas Saltos del Petrohué

It gave me a chance to use a new setting I have found on the camera. Slow motion video!

The town is well known for its German traditions, as a lot of German speaking people settled here when the town was founded. It shows in some of the architecture.

Chile Puerto Varas Church

Chile Puerto Varas House

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