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Bolivia – Santa Cruz

From Coroico, we had to take a bus back to La Paz, stay there for another night, then catch a 6 hour bus to Cochabamba. It ended up being a 9 hour journey. We only stayed for one night as there wasn’t much to see or do. From Cochabamba we got on another bus for 10 hours to Santa Cruz. The difference from the north of Bolivia is amazing. From cold to hot, plus really nice colonial buildings and nice food.

Bolivia Santa Cruz Plaza

One of the days we were in Santa Cruz, we visited a local resort, a bit like a country club called Biocentro Güembé. It had a butterfly house.

Bolivia Santa Cruz Biocentro Guembe Butterfly

Aviary with peacocks, parrots and other local birds. It is a sanctuary and looks after the birds when people don’t want them anymore.

Bolivia Santa Cruz Biocentro Guembe Peacock

We spent most of the day hanging out by their nice pools.

Bolivia Santa Cruz Biocentro Guembe Pools

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