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Bolivia – Copacabana

We left Peru and after a short 4 hour bus ride across the border, arrived in Copacabana, Bolivia.

Bolivia Peru Border

Copacabana was having a festival called the Virgen de Copacabana, there were bands, dancing and people in costume on the street.

Bolivia Copacabana Virgin

Bolivia Copacabana Virgin

Its to do with the patron saint of Boliva, the Virgin of Copacabana. Also, there is a statue of the virgin Mary, that is in the town church and apparently has a few miracles attached to it.

Bolivia Copacabana Virgin Church

So, at the beginning of August people bring their cars and other vehicles to be blessed. All the cars dress up with smart hats on and decorations.

Bolivia Copacabana Virgin Car

There is also some bloke walking around with a donkeys head in a pram.

Bolivia Copacabana Donkey Head

Other parts of the festivities seem to include a mix of religions, indigenous and catholic. People bring toy cars, houses, money etc to these shamans to perform a ritual with, including burning the toys and chucking beer around. Then the people who make the offering of toys will become rich, get a big house, new car or whatever they need. Not sure how effective this is?

Bolivia Copacabana Ceremony

There are a lot of people travel from around Bolivia and Peru to come and make an offering on the hill. Mostly they seem to be offering rubbish and plastic bottles.

Bolivia Copacabana Virgin Hill

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